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User Agreement
HR | Admin Department
Employee Engagement Specialist
Job Description

·         Plans (with OD Manager), organize, and execute corporate activities and J&T engagements (e.g. teambuilding, sports events, corporate events, monthly office engagement activities, corporate social responsibility, etc.) from concept to finish based on the company culture. This is with the assistance of the HR team.

·         Collaborate with department heads on programs that will maximize employee development and satisfaction.

·         Creates engagement annual calendar of activities.

·         Ensures that details of engagement activities are handled as planned.

·         Liaises with different suppliers for all event and activities need (in coordination with procurement).

·         Helps and support the Organizational Development Manager for ad hoc tasks.

·         Manages the J&Ts work and activities collaboration online platform by posting announcements, celebrations (e.g. birthday celebrators) and ensure that online engagement targets are met.

·         Performs strategic functions including but not limited to collection of data to support J&T business initiatives through surveys, one-on-one interviews, FGD, and other methodology. (together with other OD Specialist).

Performs other administrative duties as may be assigned from time to time.

Job Requirement

·         Bachelor Degree in Human Resources Management, Marketing, Psychology, Sociology

·         1-2 years of Employee Engagement  and Event Management experience

·         Knowledge in Excel, Powerpoint

·         Has the ability to deal with diverse  types of people, with strong interpersonal skills, and charismatic; Outgoing, assertive, enthusiastic, highly energetic

·         With exceptional presentation skills

·         With strong planning and organizational skills

·         Can multi-task, can work under pressure in a fast-paced work environment like J&T

·         Have an outstanding collaboration skills; ability to establish coordination with unit and department heads, team leaders, and HR peers to deliver results.

Has an understanding of talent management, conducting strategic planning and keen to collaborate.

PR Legal Writer
Job Description

·         Conducting research before and during the writing process.

·         Preparing material for press release and direct response letter.

·         Conducting thorough fact-checks before submitting any work.

·         Ensuring the logical flow of all writing produced.

·         Attending feedback sessions and making revisions suggested by the corporate counsel.

·         Willing to work and coordinate with media and press.

Job Requirement

·         Candidate must possess at least Bachelor's/College Degree in Journalism, Mass Communications or equivalent.

·         At least 2 Year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.

·         Preferably 1-4 Yrs Experienced Employee specialized in Law/Legal Services or equivalent.

Company Nurse
Job Description

·         Provide Basic Healthcare

The bulk of a company nurse’s day is used providing basic healthcare needs to a company’s employees. This includes administering first aid where needed and evaluating employees’ overall health.

·         Administer Prescribed Medication and Treatment

Some employees may have medication and treatment that needs to be administered during work hours. A company nurse is responsible for administering these within the company’s medical clinic.

·         Organize Employee Physicals

Company nurses are responsible for coordinating with the company’s healthcare provider to set up annual exams and physicals for all employees. Then, they work with the employees directly to ensure the schedule works well for everyone.

·         Raise Healthcare Awareness

These nurses also work closely with employees to raise healthcare awareness. This includes evaluating an employee’s health and making lifestyle recommendations to improve their health. They may also hold company-wide meetings to discuss general healthcare tips and recommendations.

·         Report on Employee Health

Company nurses often report to stakeholders on overall employee health. They may also make recommendations to upper management about new healthcare initiatives that the company can implement to lower healthcare costs.

·         Data Management

Safekeeping of data regarding illnesses and accidents involving employees and make necessary reports to stakeholders and government agencies for processing of claims and compliance

·         Other HR & Administrative Functions

HR & Administrative tasks may be given from time to time.

Job Requirement

·         Candidate must possess at least Professional License (Passed Board/Bar/Professional License Exam) in Nursing or equivalent.

·         At least 2 Year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.

·         Preferably less than 1 year experience specialized in Healthcare - Nurse/Medical Support & Assistant or equivalent.

·         Preferably with Basic Occupational Safety and Health (BOSH) Certificate

·         First Aid Experience – Company nurses should have first aid experience and know how to handle emergency situations that employees may experience

·         Critical Medical Thinking – Successful company nurses should be able to examine employees and think critically to make healthcare recommendations

·         Bedside Manner – Company nurses have good bedside manner as they need to be able to comfort employees who are in pain and explain problems clearly

·         Communication Skills – These professionals are skilled communicators, in both verbal and written mediums

·         Organizational Skills – They are efficient in their tasks and highly organized as company nurses are charged with organizing employee health records in a way that is easily accessible.